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Have you got a wardrobe which is bursting with clothes? Do you have items in your wardrobe you never get the wear out of them? Perhaps it’s time to book an appointment at Bibsy Boutique to help find a new lease of life for your clothes.

1. Simply select the items you want to sell. We take a maximum of 6 items at a time due to the positive response of people wanting to sell through us! We are currently accepting high-street designer labels starting from Autograph, Peruna leading up to high-end designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci.  Why don’t you book an appointment or send pictures of your items to release your existing labels back into the fashion community to be re-loved by someone else. Not only are you decluttering your wardrobe but you will earn some extra money while helping to save the planet.  you will have made another woman very happy, and prevented clothes from heading to landfill. It’s an all-round win!

2. Book an appointment. It is best to ring, email or message on our social media to book an appointment with us so we expect your visit. This means I can have a form ready for your appointment and the time to look at your items.  Please find our contact details here.

3. Fill out form. During your appointment you will fill out a form containing your contact details, items and agreeing to the T&C’S.

4. List items. I will then research your items to get a suitable price according to the brand, condition, age and demand. A copy of this will be emailed over to you so you can confirm you are happy with the prices. This will also contain your client reference, a description of each item listed and the date they were brought in. 

5. Selling Period. Items are kept in store for the duration of 8 weeks. During this time I will market you items in store and online to maximise selling. You will receive 40% on each item sold. However on some luxury brands e.g Louis Vuitton & Chanel the percentage split will vary. 

6. Returns. After the 8 weeks have come to the end any unsold items will need collecting within a week. This is where you will receive any money from your sold items. Your money will be paid by bank transfer or store credit. If you prefer you can donate your unsold items to charity instead of collecting them. They will automatically go to charity if you have not arrange collection of your unsold items within a week of the collection date.

Please read the selling terms and conditions which can be found in the terms and condition page here.

'Recycle, Reuse, Rotate'

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