Terms and Conditions

  • Selling through Bibsy Boutique T&C’s


  • Items that have been brought in to sell should be laundered, pressed and in a sellable condition. Items found to be soiled, faulty, in bad condition or too worn will go straight to charity.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to collect unsuitable items within 1 week or opt for them to go to charity/recycling. They will go to charity/recycling if not collected.
  • No responsibility is accepted by us for any loss, theft or damage to your clothing caused by whatever means. Naturally, we will exercise reasonable care while your clothes/items are with us and we have CCTV fitted in the shop to prevent the above.
  • Bibsy Boutique accepts only authentic designer items.  You as the owner, guarantee the authenticity of all items given to Bibsy Boutique.  If you receive payment for an item that is later deemed to be counterfeit, you agree to repay the full amount received plus any other loss associated with its sale and return. 
  • As a client of Bibsy Boutique, by giving personal data, you accept our Privacy Policy.


  • Prices will be set by Bibsy Boutique according to the brand, condition, age and demand
  • If I have not had a response from my email regarding the set prices within 48hrs your items will go out in the shop floor regardless.
  • We will market your items for 8 weeks. After this garments will be reduced for a further 2 weeks unless the seller would rather collect.
  • We may market your clothes online to maximise selling opportunities 

Collecting Items

  • Sellers will have up to 1 week to collect their unsold items from their collection date. Items not collected within this time period will be taken to a local charity store as agreed via the T&C’s.


  • You will receive 40% of the sale price on each item sold. However on some luxury brands e.g Louis Vuitton & Chanel the percentage split will vary.
  • Payments will be paid via bank transfer or as a store credit. You can be paid in cash but this needs to be requested in advance.
  • Commission will be paid on your collection date (Please beware some items maybe reserved or online)
  • Commission payments will remain valid for 6 MONTHS from drop off date

Buying through Bibsy Boutique T&C’s

  • Every product for sale online and in store at Bibsy Boutique are used or “pre-owned”(unless otherwise stated). We are selling as agents on behalf of private third party sellers. 
  • Bibsy Boutique has the right (at our absolute discretion) to refuse any order that is placed with us and/or to withdraw any item shown on the website at any time before your order is accepted.
  • We try to display clear images and describe all items online as accurately as possible however, you should be aware that the appearance or colour of items displayed on your phone, computer or tablet may differ from the actual appearance or colour of the item.
  • Please contact Bibsy Boutique if you would like more photos or a video of items before purchasing.


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