Isabella Dix

Founder and Owner of Bibsy Boutique

‘Unique pieces at fabulous prices’
Bibsy Boutique was created by my love of finding designer clothing at affordable prices. I wanted to provide a unique, sustainable and local shopping experience whilst giving luxurious clothing a second chance to be worn & enjoyed.

Having originally trained as a rhythmic gymnast, I became ill and was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) at 10 years old. From then life was very different for me and my future aspirations would not be possible. I spent many years housebound and accumulated a variety of animal species to keep me company. (I currently still have 14 at home including amphibians, reptiles & mammals!!)  After completing an animal science degree the physical nature involved in the industry was not sustainable for me career-wise, therefore I needed another option. Besides animals I adore fashion, clothing & styling and have regularly purchased preloved items for myself. I love wearing unique clothes and discovering ultimate finds that would not be available in the larger retail stores. I think of it as a personal ‘treasure hunt’ with the added bonus of saving yourself money, buying clothing that originally may have been out of your budget! Additionally, by extending the life of clothing selling and shopping at preloved boutiques you also contribute to reducing unnecessary wastage and lowering carbon footprint. 

Therefore I decided to open my own boutique selling unique, luxurious pieces that deserve a second chance, whilst promoting the growing circular, recyclable fashion economy. 

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